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As we head into summertime, your air conditioning unit is one of the first things that start to go. AC maintenance keeps your home cool in the summer and can save you money on your energy bills.

Our AC Maintenance Service

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of homes and businesses that use air conditioning. This is because air conditioning can help keep people comfortable in hot climates and maintain a comfortable temperature in cold climates. One common problem with air conditioning is that it can become unreliable over time. This is because air conditioners require regular maintenance to keep them working properly. You can do several things to keep your air conditioning unit in good condition. This includes checking the filters, checking the fan bearings, and checking the condenser coils. If you notice any signs of damage, then you should schedule an appointment with your air conditioning service provider to fix it.

AC maintenance vs. AC repair-

The average American household uses over eight thousand watts of electricity each day. This equates to around $1,200 per year in utility bills. Of course, your home’s air conditioning unit is a big contributor to this total, using around three hundred watts an hour on average. Given the importance of keeping your AC running smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to know the difference between regular AC maintenance and AC repair.

Regular AC Maintenance includes checking the filters, cleaning the evaporator coil, and turning off the unit when you’re not using it. This will help keep your AC operating at its best and reduce energy costs.

AC Repair: If something goes wrong with your air conditioning unit, such as a broken compressor or failed motor, you’ll need to call a professional for repairs. This will likely involve replacing parts or whole units and could be expensive.

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Why do you need AC maintenance?

If your AC is not functioning properly, it could cause serious comfort issues. Not only can AC not keep you cool in summer, but also it can make it difficult to breathe in during hot weather. Additionally, if your AC isn’t maintained, dirt and dust can accumulate on the unit, ultimately leading to damage. Here are some of the reasons you might need to get your AC maintenance checked:

1. Your AC might not be cool enough. In the summertime, a unit that isn’t cooling your home effectively could lead to heatstroke. Additionally, if your AC unit is not cleaned regularly, allergens and other contaminants can build up and cause problems.

2. Your AC might be causing allergies. If you have asthma or any other respiratory issue affecting your breathing, having an ineffective or dirty AC unit can exacerbate those symptoms. Dirt and dust accumulating on the unit can also cause problems with allergies.

3. Some people might experience asthma attacks due to excessive dust accumulation in their homes. Too much dust will cause high levels of pollutants, such as spores capable of triggering an attack. To restore air quality and alleviate symptoms, having your AC serviced regularly may be necessary.

4. Your air conditioner might be causing damage to your home’s structure. Dust, dirt, moisture, and bacteria can accumulate on an AC unit over time and cause cracks or other damage to walls and ceilings.

Luckily, our qualified technician can help identify the problem and recommend a fix to prevent any structural problems from occurring.

Benefits of AC maintenance

The benefits of annual air conditioning maintenance are numerous and include the following:

1. Preventative Maintenance can Help Keep Your AC Running at Its Best

Regular AC maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly and prevent potential damage from happening in the first place. By performing regular checkups and tests, you can identify issues early on before they become major problems. Time and money can be saved by doing this.

2. Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Damaged Components

If left unchecked, worn-out parts in your AC system may eventually break down, causing your unit to stop working. By keeping your AC system up-to-date with necessary maintenance, you can avoid these costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment.

3. Properly Maintained AC Systems Are Less Likely to Cause Polluting Air Emissions

When an AC system isn’t functioning properly, it may release harmful pollutants into the air. Poorly maintained systems also produce more noise than well-maintained units, which can be disruptive to those around them. Regular maintenance can help reduce these emissions while keeping your home comfortable all summer!

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why consumers choose our AC Maintenance service. We offer various services, including preventive maintenance, repairs and replacements, and emergency service. We also have a wide range of equipment, including central air conditioners, heating, and window units. In addition to our extensive knowledge of AC maintenance, we also have a team of skilled professionals who can help take care of your system. With AC Maintenance on your side, you can rest assured that your home will stay cool and comfortable during the hot weather season.

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