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AC Repair

Air conditioning is one of the most important necessities when it comes to cooling your home or offices during hot summer days. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with your air conditioning unit, you can face many problems. Fortunately, AC repair professionals are on standby to help you out.

Our AC Repair Service

If your air conditioner is not cooling or functioning, you should call our licensed repair technician. Our AC Repair service can help keep your system up and running quickly and efficiently. We use the latest equipment and techniques to diagnose and fix your air conditioner quickly and efficiently. So if you’re experiencing any problems with your AC, give us a call today! If your AC isn’t blowing cold air or isn’t working, the problem lies with one of the following: an outlet, a power strip, the compressor or condenser unit, the wiring, or the cooling system. In most cases, however, determining which part is causing the trouble can be difficult and frustrating without proper equipment and expertise. That’s where our expert technicians come in – they can isolate and fix everything from tricky outlets to broken compressors without further damage. So if you experience any difficulty with your air conditioning unit – no matter how small – don’t hesitate to call us for help. We’ll have your home or office cooled down in no time!

AC Repair vs. AC Replacement

Regarding air conditioning, most homeowners opt for AC repair over replacement. There are a few reasons for this:

Repair is usually less expensive than replacement. A broken window in your home may require a brand-new window, while an AC repair will often entail fixing the existing window or door.

Replacement AC units can be very large and take up a lot of space. If your home was built before 1995, chances are good that it doesn’t have enough room in its structure to accommodate a new AC unit. Additionally, older air conditioning models often use less energy and produce less heat than newer models, making them more environmentally friendly. If you’re unsure whether your AC needs repairs or replacements, get an estimate from a professional.

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Signs Your AC Needs Repair

If your air conditioner is not cooling efficiently or you notice unusual smells or noise, it may be time for repairs. Here are some common signs that your AC needs a tune-up:

1. You can feel a draft coming from the unit when the windows are open.

2. The unit makes unusual noises or smells, including housing and burning smells.

3. The AC does not seem to be working as well as it used to – perhaps it’s taking longer to cool down rooms, or the unit is producing less cold air.

4. The filters in the AC unit may need to be replaced – this will improve the efficiency of the AC unit and reduce the chances of problems like smell or noise.

Types of AC We Repair

There are three main types of AC systems: central, split-system, and portable.

Central AC systems are installed in buildings throughout a large area. They are often the largest and most expensive type of AC system.

Split-system AC systems have two parts: an air conditioner unit, or “unit,” and a ductwork system that carries the air from the unit to individual rooms. In most cases, the ductwork is installed in walls or under floors. This type of AC is popular in small homes and apartments because it is relatively easy to install and maintain.

Portable AC units are typically smaller than central or split-system units and can be taken from one room to another. They are typically used in offices and other places where large areas need cooling, but there is not enough space for a central system.

Why do you need AC Repair?

The weather outside is frightful, and the AC unit in your home is not keeping up. Maybe it’s blowing hot air only part of the time or making strange noises. Whatever the problem, you need AC Repair. Here are a few reasons why:

1) It’s uncomfortable to be inside in the summertime with no air conditioning.

2) If your AC fails during a heat wave, it can be tough to stay cool.

3) When the weather gets cold, your home can become very cold and drafty because of the lack of airflow from the AC unit.

4) You may also experience problems with your allergies when the humidity is high in a closed space like an apartment or home with an AC unit.

Why choose us?

At HVAC Syracuse NY, we know that AC Repair is critical to keeping your home comfortable during the summer and autumn months. We have the resources and expertise needed to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

We use only the highest quality parts and equipment when repairing AC systems so that you can be sure of reliable service every time. You can also reach out to our team at any time with questions or concerns.

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If you are experiencing any AC issues, we can help. Our team of experts can provide you with an estimate for the right repairs or replacements for your home. We offer a free consultation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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